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1 PJ011090 서필준 The Arabidopsis MIEL1 E3 ligase negatively regulates ABA signalling by promoting protein turnover of MYB96 Nature Communications 7(12525)1-11 11.47
2 PJ011082 조면행 Telomere-binding protein regulates the chromosome ends through the interaction with histone deacetylases in Arabidopsis thaliana. Nucleic Acids Research 44(10)4610-4624 9.112
3 PJ011065 신정섭 CML10, a variant of calmodulin, modulates ascorbic acid synthesis New Phytologist 209(2)664-678 7.672
4 PJ011275 최도일 Divergent evolution of multiple virus-resistance genes from a progenitor in Capsicum spp. New Phytologist 0 7.672
5 PJ011052 서미정 Molecular and biochemical characterizations of the monoacylglycerol lipase gene family of Arabidopsis thaliana Plant Journal 85(6)758-771 5.972
6 PJ011052 서미정 Cuticular wax biosynthesis is positively regulated by WRINKLED4, an AP2/ERF-type transcription factor, in Arabidopsis stems. Plant Journal 88:257-270 5.972
7 PJ011161 박용진 Population genomics identifies the origin and signatures of selection of Korean weedy rice Plant Biotechnology Journal 0(0)1-10 5.752
8 PJ011026 이석하 Stochastic alternative splicing is prevalent in mungbean (Vigna radiata) Plant Biotechnology Journal 1(1)1-9 5.752
9 PJ011112 배의영 Crystal Structure of Streptococcus pyogenes Cas1 and Its Interaction with Csn2 in the Type II CRISPR-Cas System Structure 24(1)70-79 5.618
10 PJ011090 서필준 MYB96 shapes the circadian gating of ABA signaling in Arabidopsis Scientific Reports 6(0)17754-1775411 5.578
11 PJ011195 조형택 Cell wall-associated ROOT HAIR SPECIFIC 10, a proline-rich receptor-like kinase, is a negative modulator of Arabidopsis root hair growth. Journal of Experimental Botany 67(6)2007-2022 5.526
12 PJ011204 권진경 An ultra-high-density bin map facilitates high-throughput QTL mapping of horticultural traits in pepper (Capsicum annuum) Dna Research 23(2)81-91 5.477
13 PJ011036 강훈승 Structural features important for the U12 snRNA binding and minor spliceosome assembly of Arabidopsis U11/U12-small nuclear ribonucleoproteins Rna Biology 13(7)670-679 4.974
14 PJ011065 신정섭 A transcription factor γMYB1 binds to the P1BS cis-element and activates PLA2-γ expression with its co-activator γMYB2 Plant and Cell Physiology 57(4)784-797 4.931
15 PJ011005 이성철 The pepper RING type E3 ligase, CaAIP1, functions as a positive regulator of drought and high salinity stress responses Plant and Cell Physiology 57(10)2202-2212 4.931
16 PJ011052 서미정 MYB94 and MYB96 Additively Activate Cuticular Wax Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis Plant and Cell Physiology 57(11)2300-2311 4.931
17 PJ011031 이상희 Epidemiology and clinical burden of malaria in the war-torn area, Orakzai Agency in Pakistan Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases 10(1)4399 4.446
18 PJ011004 정기홍 Genome-wide identification and analysis of rice genes preferentially expressed in pollen at an early developmental stage Plant Molecular Biology 92(2)71-88 4.257
19 PJ011295 최용수 Direct analysis of prostaglandin-E2 and -D2 produced in an inflammatory cell reaction and its application for activity screening and potency evaluation using turbulent flow chromatography liquid chromatograph-high resolution mass spectrometry Journal of Chromatography A 1463(0)128-135 4.169
20 PJ011031 이상희 Global dissemination of carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae: epidemiology, genetic context, treatment options, and detection methods Frontiers in Microbiology 7(6)895 3.989
21 PJ011161 박용진 Genome-wide resequencing of KRICE_CORE reveals their potential for future breeding, as well as functional and evolutionary studies in the post-genomic era Bmc Genomics 17(408)1-13 3.986
22 PJ011031 김정구 Time-resolved pathogenic gene expression analysis of the plant pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv. Oryzae Bmc Genomics 17(1)345 3.986
23 PJ011161 박용진 Genome-wide association study of eating and cooking qualities in different subpopulations of rice (Oryza sativa L.) Bmc Genomics 17(663)1-12 3.986
24 PJ011154 이용환 Kingdom-wide analysis of fungal small secreted proteins (SSPs) reveals their potential role in host association Frontiers in Plant Science 7(0)186 3.948
25 PJ011006 이병하 Genetic Screening for Arabidopsis Mutants Defective in STA1 Regulation under Thermal Stress Implicates the Existence of Regulators of Its Specific Expression, and the Genetic Interactions in the Stress Signaling Pathways Frontiers in Plant Science 7(618)1-11 3.948
26 PJ011195 조형택 The M3 phosphorylation site is required for trafficking and biological roles of PIN-FORMED1,2 and 7 in Arabidopsis. Frontiers in Plant Science 7(1479)1-10 3.948
27 PJ011006 이병하 Overexpression of a Barley Aquaporin Gene, HvPIP2;5 Confers Salt and Osmotic Stress Tolerance in Yeast and Plants Frontiers in Plant Science 7(7)1566 3.948
28 PJ011004 정기홍 A Systematic View of the MLO Family in Rice Suggests Their Novel Roles in Morphological Development, Diurnal Responses, the Light-Signaling Pathway, and Various Stress Responses Frontiers in Plant Science 7(1413)1-14 3.948
29 PJ011275 최도일 Genome-wide Comparative Analyses Reveal the Dynamic Evolution of Nucleotide-Binding Leucine-Rich Repeat Gene Family among Solanaceae Plants Frontiers in Plant Science 7(0)1250 3.948
30 PJ011015 정순천 Candidate Gene Sequence Analyses toward Identifying Rsv3-Type Resistance to Soybean Mosaic Virus Plant Genome 9(2)1-12 3.933
31 PJ011161 박용진 Rice chloroplast genome variation architecture and phylogenetic dissection in diverse Oryza species assessed by whole-genome resequencing Rice 9(57)1-13 3.919
32 PJ011086 문정환 Elucidating the triplicated ancestral genome structure of radish based on chromosome-level comparison with the Brassica genomes Theoretical and Applied Genetics 129(7)1357-1372 3.79
33 PJ011015 정순천 Identification of haplotypes at the Rsv4 genomic region in soybean associated with durable resistance to soybean mosaic virus Theoretical and Applied Genetics 129(3)453-468 3.79
34 PJ011086 유희주 Identification of candidate domestication regions in the radish genome based on high‑depth resequencing analysis of 17 genotypes Theoretical and Applied Genetics 129(9)1797-1814 3.79
35 PJ011018 전종성 Role of rice cytosolic hexokinase OsHXK7 in sugar signaling and metabolism Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 58(1)127-135 3.335
36 PJ011105 이선우 Genetic determinants for pyomelanin production and its protective effect against oxidative stress in Ralstonia solanacearum Plos One 11(8)1-16 3.234
37 PJ011204 권진경 Isolation and Characterization of Pepper Genes Interacting with the CMV-P1 Helicase Domain Plos One 11(1)146320 3.234
38 PJ011013 김국형 Time-course small RNA profiling reveals rice miRNAs and their target genes in response to Rice stripe virus infection Plos One 11(9)162319-162337 3.234
39 PJ011079 백남천 Arabidopsis NAC016 promotes chlorophyll breakdown by directly upregulating STAYGREEN1 transcription Plant Cell Reports 35(1)155-166 3.071
40 PJ011161 박용진 Genome-wide Association Mapping of Polyphenol Contents and Antioxidant Capacity in Whole-Grain Rice Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 64(22)4695-4703 2.912
41 PJ011956 심준수 Stage-Wise Identification and Analysis of miRNA from Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne incognita International Journal of Molecular Sciences 17(10)1758-1783 2.862
42 PJ011112 서정용 Biophysical characterization of the domain association between cytosolic A and B domains of the mannitol transporter enzymes II(Mtl) in the presence and absence of a connecting linker Protein Science 25(10)1803-1811 2.854
43 PJ011008 김현희 A refined Panax ginseng karyotype based on an ultra-high copy 167-bp tandem repeat and ribosomal DNAs Journal of Ginseng Research 1(1)1-8 2.815
44 PJ011810 이찬희 Molecular and biochemical characterization of rice pectin methylesterase inhibitors (OsPMEIs) Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 101(0)105-112 2.756
45 PJ011088 권석윤 De Novo Transcriptome Analysis of Cucumis melo L. var. makuwa Molecules and Cells 39(2)141-148 2.67
46 PJ011036 강훈승 Abiotic stresses affect differently the intron splicing and expression of chloroplast genes in coffee plant (Coffea arabica) and rice (Oryza sativa) Journal of Plant Physiology 201(1)85-94 2.557
47 PJ011090 서필준 Increased STM expression is associated with drought tolerance in Arabidopsis Journal of Plant Physiology 201(0)79-84 2.557
48 PJ011204 권진경 Genetic diversity and population structure analysis to construct a core collection from a large Capsicum germplasm Bmc Genetics 17(0)142-154 2.397
49 PJ011857 심성철 Genetic variations of F1 tomato cultivars revealed by a core set of SSR and Indel markers Scientia Horticulturae 212(0)155-161 1.365
50 PJ011004 정기홍 Development of functional modules based on co-expression patterns for cell-wall biosynthesis related genes in rice Journal of Plant Biology 59(1)1-15 1.208
51 PJ011808 정동훈 Functional Diversity of microRNA Variants in Plants Journal of Plant Biology 59(4)303-310 1.208
52 PJ011195 조형택 Biological and molecular functions of two EAR motifs of Arabidopsis IAA7. Journal of Plant Biology 59(1)24-32 1.208
53 PJ011052 서미정 Functional analysis of diacylglycerol acyltransferase1 genes from Camelina sativa and effects of CsDGAT1B overexpression on seed mass and storage oil content in C. sativa Plant Biotechnology Reports 10(0)114-153 1.188
54 PJ011033 한상욱 Deciphering the role of tyrosine sulfation in Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae using shotgun proteomic analysis Plant Pathology Journal 32(3)266-272 0.718
55 PJ011180 윤성환 Characterization of Nivalenol-Producing Fusarium culmorum Isolates Obtained from the Air at a Rice Paddy Field in Korea Plant Pathology Journal 32(3)182-189 0.718
56 PJ011013 김국형 The transcription cofactor Swi6 of the Fusarium graminearum is involved in Fusarium graminearum virus 1 induced phenotype alteration Plant Pathology Journal 32(4)281-289 0.718
57 PJ011016 박영두 Characterization of a Drought-Tolerance Gene, BrDSR, in Chinese Cabbage Korean Journal of Horticultural Science & Technology 34(1)102-111 0.339
1 PJ011195 조형택 Arabinogalactan protein motif-containing receptor-like kinases are likely to play the negative feedback factor to maintain proper root hair length. Plant Signaling and Behavior 11(9)1-3 1.01
2 PJ011161 김원일 Inorganic As concentration in rice grown around the abandoned mining areas and its health risk assessment (폐광지역 재배 쌀 중 무기비소 함량과 위해성평가) 한국토양비료학회지(Korean Journal of Soil Science and Fertilizer) 49(5)584-588 0.3929
3 PJ011800 곽연식 Alternaria solani Causing Leaf Blight Disease 농업생명과학연구 50(4)249-253 0.3264
4 PJ011797 김창수 Perspectives on the genomics research of important crops in the tribe Andropogoneae: Focusing on the Saccharum complex 농업과학연구 43(1)1-13 0.2429
5 PJ011187 오상근 Chilli anthracnose (Colletotrichum spp.) disease and its management approach Korean Journal of Agricultural Science 43(2)153-162 0.1013